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PSYСHOGENETICS as an Aid for the Classical Homeopath

This study aims to define the importance for the doctor who uses the classical method while prescribing a medicine in any case of a chronicle disease to consider all symptoms of the lesion of the vital force of the patient.

Symptoms of the lesion of the vital force at the level of the problems of man's mental and emotional bodies are very often of the genetic inclination, which form his behavior patterns, social environment, and obey the rules of the scheme of the space around him – that represents the law of similitude.

Psychogenetics is a science created by American psychologist Champion Toych. According to his description, a man is one with his ancestry; all of our ancestors live in us, making us to act according to their genetic code.

Various aspects of human life – diseases, success, failure in different spheres of life – are conditioned by genetic causation.

Inclination to certain diseases and reaction patterns, likes and dislikes towards oneself or other people are descendible. It is genetic factor that forms individual reality of the human person, telling them whom to be, what to put on, what profession to choose, to have family or not.

A year ago after one of the Champion Toych's seminars which was held in Moscow, I have started to research the genetic inclination in the practice of classical homeopath. I interviewed patients together with the specialist in psychogenetic. This work has impressed us by the similarity of psychogenetic and homeopathy in their approach and conclusions. And, though the treatment was different, it was based on the principles of similitude and gave similar medical results.

In a year this research was led in about 20 cases, and now the psychogenetic principles are included in the practice of gathering of the anamnesis of our patients. The laws of formation of the space around men are most interesting, help to choose homeopathic remedy and to understand if the prescription was correct.

An individual according to the law of similitude will form the situation in congruency with the attraction mechanism which he (or she) has. People will be gathering, conditions will be forming around them according to those mechanisms. Thus, analyzing the behavior patterns of those people who show up in the life of the patient, the doctor is able to find some of his psychological characteristics which are not obvious at the first sight.

So the right remedy will not only heal patients but change the reality in which they exist. They will attract other kind of people. Their interests might change as they'll obtain new energy for their realization. And it will be the sign of the correct prescription of the homeopathic remedy.

We suppose that even the longevity of the operation of a medicine might be indirectly defined by the changing of the reality around the patient. It might be said that this operation is finished when the patient is out of his previous reality, changes his way of thinking, behavior patterns, modalities.

Everyone must be considered as Nature's creation with his own reality in which he dwells. Champion Toych describes two rules of the formation of the reality around an individual. The first rule deals with the 4 types of families which people create.

The first type – the person's own family in which he (or she) was born. This family is chosen by their soul and their parents' souls.

The second type – the family which we build for ourselves, our husband or wife, children.

The third type – our close environment. Colleagues, neighbors, pals, friends, books which we read, TV programs which we watch, patients who come to a certain doctor. This family is formed by ourselves and based on attraction mechanisms imbedded in us.

The fourth type – an ideal family.

The second rule of the formation of the reality around an individual.

The person who suppresses his (or her) own emotions has somebody (wife, husband, children e t.c.) who of necessity expresses those very emotions.

  • D1 suppresses his own emotions
  • D2 expresses those emotions which are suppressed by D1.

EXAMPLE: D1 has a sense of guilt for some events in his childhood. D1 will attract a spouse who will express this sense of guilt. Or their child will express emotions which are suppressed by the parents. That's why it is so important to see who is near the patient. Behavior patterns present in one's relatives may represent homeopathic symptoms which might show the problem of the patient.

So, the application of the psychogenetic approach opens for the classical homeopath one more opportunity to consider the symptoms of the lesion of the vital force.

Автор: Л.Е, Лурье

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